Alternanthera Raspberry Rum and Jewel


Begonia Baby Wings Bicolor


Begonia Unbelievable Miss Montreal


Bidens Beedance Painted Red and Red Stripe (bee's love them)


Bidens Giant White


Calibrachoa - Candy Bouquet, Cherry Banana, Plum Cobbler, Sunshine Berry (all bi-colors)


Celosia Dragon's Breath 24" Red flowers and foliage


Coleus Campfire 14-36" sun or shade Bright Orange


Crossandra Marmalade Orange


Dianthus Jolt - 16" new last summer, performed well


Isotoma Fizz N Pop Blue


King Tut - Baby Tut


Lophospermum - wine or white trumpets on vigorous trailing plants


Oxalis Zinfandel


Pepper Pretty N Sweet - AAS winner ornamental and edible


Petunia - Night Sky, Tidal Wave Red Velour, Wave Yellow


Scoparia Lemon Mist


Strawberry Ruby Ann and Delizz


Tomato - Bushsteak (early meaty beefsteak that can be grown in a container) and Steakhouse (one of the world's largest tomatoes)


Wire Vine (big leaf)


Verbena - Little One


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